The Casino Affiliate Convention (Moscow 2009) event will focus entirely on Marketing and Advertising for Eastern European and Russian based affiliates the Gaming Industry. It will be held on October 1-2, 2009 at the Moscow event cancelled in Moscow.

We expect 100-200 casino executives to attend the 2009 Moscow event. In May 2007, exhibit space was sold out and 1000 executives attended, making this one of the largest i-gaming events in the industry. Approximately 500 affiliates attended this event, which was the largest collection of casino affiliates ever in history.

Many affiliates form Russia and Eastern Europe over the years have expressed their frustration to us over their inabilitty to attend Casino Affiliate Convention events. For example, Russian citizens must acquire visas to all but 5 countries in the world. Many significant performing super affiliates from Eastern Europe have told us of their desire to participate in these conferences. As a result, we decided to do another first for the industry, and at the same time make it easy for these affiliates: We're bringing the event to them.. in Moscow.

The 2009 in Moscow will be combined with an additional event: The "Affiliate Convention" In addition to online affiliate marketing for the gaming industry, the event will cover traditional forms of marketing and advertising to the Russian market for other affiliate operations as well. Click HERE to read more about the goals of this exciting and fast-paced marketing event we have planned for October 1-2, 2009 in Moscow.

The events have changed the mindset of many casino affiliate program managers. New markets have become a significant focus. This includes Eastern Europe. Most affiliates are now sponsored by affiliate programs to attend, that is, the casino/sportsbook affiliate program has invited the affiliate as a guest to the event. We strongly encourage affiliate managers to invite their Eastern European affiliates to this event.

For those interested in exhibiting, sponsoring the event, please CLICK HERE for the Sponsorship & Exhibitor Packages.


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